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ADAPT Health Coach Training Program

Terms & Conditions

Payment Terms

  • You agree to provide us with a valid credit card to pay for the ADAPT Health Coach Training Program in full (including all applicable sales and other taxes or fees).
  • If you have selected our monthly payment plan, your credit card will be billed every 30 days after the date you enrolled for a total of 12 payments. You agree to keep your credit card information with us up to date and active.
  • If you have selected our payment plan and your payment is declined, you will receive a notification from our billing system. Your card will then automatically be retried up to four more times. After the final failed billing attempt, your account status will be changed to “delinquent,” your account will no longer be in “good standing,” and you will lose access to the program until your account is in good standing again. If you need assistance updating your billing information, please contact
  • You will not regain access to the program until all payments are made in full and your account is in good standing. Once this occurs, your account status will revert to “active.”
  • If your account remains in delinquent status for longer than sixty (60) days, the Company reserves the right to report any delinquent balance owed to a credit reporting bureau and/or collections agency subject to the Company’s sole discretion until the account is caught up and in good standing.
  • To be clear, if you are on a monthly payment plan, you are contractually obligated to pay for the course in full, regardless of whether you complete the course, unless you are granted a refund under the terms of our refund policy.

Refund Policy

We are looking for people who are passionate and committed to changing their own life, others’ lives, and even the whole healthcare paradigm. But we understand that this program will not be right for some people.

Before you enroll:

We make every effort to ensure that you have everything you need to make a confident and informed decision before you enroll. If you are considering enrolling but feel unsure, please schedule a free consultation with an enrollment advisor.

Please do not enroll in the ADAPT Health Coach Training Program just to “check it out.” We have put an extraordinary amount of time and effort into this program, and we expect you to do the same. This course is for serious students only.

After you enroll, but before the enrollment period ends:

If you decide to withdraw from the program before we close enrollment, you will receive a refund minus a $500 non-refundable administrative and application fee. Enrollment ends on June 3, 2018. You must submit your withdrawal and refund request by 12:00 p.m. Pacific US Time on June 3 in order to get a refund. This is a firm deadline. If you do not meet this deadline, you will be subject to the post-enrollment refund policy below.

After enrollment ends:

We want you to be satisfied with the materials.

In order to know if the materials are meeting your needs and expectations, it is important to actually use them for at least the first six weeks. Before you can request a refund, you must complete all coursework and quizzes and attend or listen to the replay recordings for all interactive sessions.

During this period, if you have questions or concerns, it is also important for you to voice those to your enrollment advisor so you can get the help you need in understanding the materials and using the online learning portal.

If you do all the assigned work and don’t get value or feel your learning style doesn’t match how we teach, we’ll happily refund the money you’ve paid us under this Agreement less any external fees and administrative fees subject to the following conditions:

  • Deadline to Apply for Refund. To be eligible for a refund, you must submit your request before 12 p.m. Pacific US Time on August 5, 2018. The deadline exists because we want you to get started with the rest of the group in order to have the best possible experience. If you wish to enroll now but don’t plan on completing the first six weeks of work on schedule, please do make sure that this is the right investment for you, as the refund has a firm deadline and you can’t get it without also having done the work.
  • Completed Coursework. We’ll ask for your first six weeks of completed coursework and quizzes (to make sure you gave it a go) and ask what didn’t work for you (so we can learn and improve).
  • Company Discretion. After you submit your materials, all refunds are within the Company’s sole discretion as to whether to grant or deny the refund request.
  • Non-Refundable Fees: In the event that you are granted a refund, there will be a $500 non-refundable application and administrative fee.

There are no refunds offered after the refund deadline. Students on a monthly payment plan are contractually obligated to pay for the course in full.

What if you need to withdraw after the refund deadline?

We do not offer any refunds for tuition, paid in full or on monthly payments, after the refund deadline. However, we understand that life can have unexpected twists and turns. So, what happens if you need to pause or stop?

  • Self-Paced 24-Month Access. You do not need to stay on the exact schedule we set forth for the course. You are free to complete the work at your own pace and will have guaranteed access to the materials for a full 12 months beyond your 12-month course for a total of 24 months. The live support will end at 12 months, but you can take up to an additional 12 months to complete the coursework.
  • Transfer. You also have the option of requesting a transfer to the next enrollment. This will allow you to take advantage of group activities and live support during a future 12-month period. However, please note that this does not defer payments. See our Transfer Policy for more information.

Transfer Policy & Fees

If you are unable to continue with your course and need a break that may be longer than six months, you may request a transfer to the next enrollment.

  • Transfer requests must be made prior to the end of the 12-month course.
  • Students wishing to transfer must be in good financial standing (current on all tuition payments).
  • Transfers requested within the first six weeks of the course will not incur a transfer fee. Students requesting a transfer in this period, however, acknowledge that they will no longer be eligible for a refund request once they have been granted a transfer.
  • Transfers requested after August 5, 2018, will incur a $75 administrative fee.
  • You may only transfer once to the next available course. There is no refund available to transfer students when they begin the next course.
  • Upon submitting a transfer request, you acknowledge that you will lose access to the course content until the start of the next enrollment. When the next enrollment begins, you will receive access to course material on a weekly basis, at the same pace as the rest of your cohort. You will be eligible to take the certification exam at the same time as your new cohort.
  • Transfers are offered to those whose circumstances do not allow them to manage the coursework. They are not a deferment of payments. Students on a monthly payment plan who request a transfer will continue to pay on time until the course is paid in full.
  • Students who are granted a transfer to the next course acknowledge that they must be in good financial standing (current on all tuition payments) in order to access the course during the next enrollment. If you are not in good financial standing when the next course begins, you will not get access until you become current on all tuition payments.
  • You acknowledge that, at the company’s sole discretion, changes to the course design, course materials, live support, duration, cost, or any other aspect of the training may be changed in future enrollments.
  • Transfer students acknowledge that they will get the same course that all other new students get during that next enrollment.
  • Transfer students acknowledge that there will be no discounts to their tuition regardless of any changes made to the course content, timing, duration, live support, pricing, or any other aspect of the training, when it is offered next. If the cost of the course increases or other additions are made to the content that impact the tuition, Kresser Institute may, at its sole discretion, require additional tuition up to, but not exceeding, the difference between what the student originally paid and what a new student is paying.

Other Terms and Conditions

By completing my registration for the ADAPT Health Coach Training Program, I acknowledge and agree that:

  • The information provided by me regarding my education, training, and experience is true and accurate.
  • I have automatically qualified, passed the eligibility quiz, or successfully petitioned and have read the informational page and have a clear understanding of who the ADAPT Health Coach Training Program is (and is not) appropriate for and what the program prepares participants to do.
  • I understand that this training doesn’t authorize me to do anything other than what my current certifications/licensure/credentials allow me to do.
  • The ADAPT Health Coach Training Program does not enable me to order laboratory studies that I am not already qualified to order, including blood, stool, urine, breath, and saliva tests. I understand that it is my own responsibility to understand which labs and tests I do and don’t have access to.
  • My participation in the ADAPT Health Coach Training Program is not a substitute for any licensing requirements that may be applicable to me and does not independently authorize me to render care, prescribe regimens, or prescribe medications or supplements.
  • My activities in the health and wellness field remain subject to my education, qualifications, licensure, and certifications.
  • Enrollment in the course is non-transferable (i.e. your spot cannot be given to another student).
  • By enrolling in the ADAPT Health Coach Training Program, I acknowledge that I have read and agree to the terms and conditions.