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The only one of its kind.

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Virtual Clinical Fellowship

The only Functional Medicine Virtual Clinical Fellowship Program in existence.

Learn from experts in the field of Functional Medicine, observe patients’ appointments, discuss complex chronic conditions, and learn real-world applications of Functional Medicine theory and treatments.

  • Work one-on-one with ADAPT clinical faculty to observe virtual patient appointments in a well-established and successful Functional Medicine practice.
  • Participate in virtual clinical grand rounds to present and discuss patient cases and receive valuable feedback.
  • Build community and professional relationships with faculty and fellow practitioners.
  • Find flexible fellowship hours to work around your current commitments.
  • Get invaluable real-world, hands-on clinical management experience to gain confidence in implementing clinical skills and training.
  • Experience a level of mentorship unlike any other Functional Medicine training program.

Functional Medicine is no longer the future of medicine – it has become today's essential framework for managing chronic disease.

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Dr. Mark Hyman
"I’m confident that the Kresser Institute will play an important role in training the next generation of Functional Medicine practitioners." Dr. Mark Hyman

If you’re like most practitioners, you’re looking for:

  • A comprehensive framework. You know there’s an alternative approach to healthcare. But you haven’t come across a single framework that integrates all aspects of Functional Medicine and practice management into one streamlined approach.
  • A clear path. It’s one thing to learn and apply a Functional Medicine approach—but it’s another to integrate it into your existing practice. You struggle with the “how” of that process, and wish you had a map for making it work.
  • Realistic training. Most programs you’ve seen advertised require frequent travel to participate, with some programs taking up to seven years to complete. How can you possibly build a practice around a schedule like that, let alone see real results?
  • A business model. Cobbling together advice on how to grow a practice from a blog here and an e-book there isn’t effective. What you need is a way to build a sustainable, profitable practice that serves you and your patients.
  • A telemedicine-friendly approach. In this new post-COVID world, our virtual practice model is more important than ever for reaching and treating patients, and for future-proofing your business.
Kresser Institute Practitioner Training Program icon

ADAPT Practitioner

Certification Program

The only comprehensive Functional & Ancestral Health Practitioner Certification Program

Modern, real-world practitioner with a one-of-a-kind Functional Medicine fellowship

This one-year practitioner and certification and fellowship program was carefully researched and designed to give you everything you need in one program: Functional Medicine, ancestral health, and hands-on mentorship.

You will:

  • Gain new clinical experience in treating the most common and complex chronic conditions during your fellowship hours, in partnership with the California Center for Functional Medicine.

  • Stay up to date with literature, research studies, and footnotes to ensure our references remain fresh and current.

  • Integrate and apply real-time clinical insights, new diagnostic labs, Functional Medicine panels, and other diagnostic tools.

  • Review real-world case studies with our current students and alumni to ensure treatment protocols remain relevant and representative of the outcomes we see in collaborative settings with practitioners, nutritionists, and board-certified health coaches.

  • Get an EASY-to-access “Preferred Lab and Supplement” resource guide that is continuously updated on a regular basis.

Spreading it out over a year gives you deeper, more complex information without overloading you. You’ll more easily integrate what you learn into your real-world practice incrementally as you go at a manageable pace.

Complete Functional Medicine Model

This is not just medical theory, but a complete Functional Medicine approach to care from the moment the patient walks through your door through the completion of treatment. It includes clinician and patient handouts you can use instantly and the option to get certified upon completion of the course.

Ancestral Nutrition & Lifestyle

This is the only Functional Medicine course that also teaches ancestral nutrition and lifestyle principles and how to apply them in clinical practice. Learn how environmental mismatch is the cause of many chronic conditions and what to do about it.

Virtual Fellowship

A unique, only one of its kind Functional Medicine Virtual Fellowship, working with ADAPT faculty to observe virtual patient appointments in a clinical setting. Gain real-world, hands-on clinical management experience to better implement the skills you’re learning throughout the certification program.

Bonus Course: Practice Management Wisdom

Clinical skills are important, but they aren’t enough on their own. In this course, you’ll get a BONUS turnkey “Optimal Practice System” (OPS). Learn how to set up and manage your practice!

Get Certified

ADAPT Certified Functional Medicine Practitioners (A-CFMP) are highly trained and tested Functional Medicine practitioners. Being certified in Functional Medicine sets you apart from your colleagues and makes you more marketable in the industry.

Demand for certified Functional Medicine practitioners far exceeds the number of competent providers available. Certification ensures patients and clients that you have the skills-based training to not only practice the theory of Functional Medicine but actually apply evidence-based skills in practice. It ensures your inclusion and priority status in the Kresser Institute’s Practitioner Directory of trained and certified practitioners, where the public can find and contact the practitioner that best fits their needs. You can also link the A-CFMP certification badge on your site or social profile to our “What is an ADAPT Certified Functional Medicine Practitioner?” patient resource page.

It allows you to proudly display your A-CFMP credential on your website, email, social media platforms, office, and marketing materials. Ongoing and updated education is important to all practitioners. A-CFMPs will be eligible for the ADAPT Alumni Membership, which provides access to ongoing curriculum and educational updates.

Learn more


Still exploring? Download this guide with five case studies illustrating the ADAPT approach to treating these chronic conditions.

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The ADAPT Framework

Materials in this topic area give you a complete roadmap—a systems model for Functional Medicine. Learn logical, methodical, proven approaches to patient care.

  • Course Overview
    • Learning objectives and course syllabus
    • How to get the most out of the course
  • The Future of Medicine
    • The epidemic of modern disease
    • A new approach to medicine
    • Functional vs. conventional medicine
    • Introducing the ADAPT Functional Medicine systems model
  • Patient Care
    • Where do you start? Where do you go from there?
    • How do you layer and structure an ADAPT framework treatment?

Functional Medicine

In-depth training for diagnosing and treating the most common chronic health conditions you’ll encounter in your practice, from intake and testing to test interpretation and complete treatment protocols.

  • Gut Pathology and Treatment
    • Basic physiology
      • Role in health and disease
      • Pathology
        • Risk factors
        • Hypochlorhydria and impaired bile/enzyme production
        • SIBO
        • Infections
        • Dysbiosis & fungal overgrowth
        • Food intolerances
        • Intestinal permeability
        • Autoimmunity
      • Diagnosis
        • Food intolerances
          • Myths & truths
          • Recommended testing
        • Gut pathologies
          • Stool analysis
          • Breath testing
          • Urine organic acids
          • Intestinal permeability
          • Gut microbiome sequencing
      • Treatments
        • Two-stage treatment
        • Specific protocols
          • SIBO
          • Dysbiosis/fungal overgrowth
          • Parasites and H. pylori
          • GERD/hypochlorhydria
          • IBD/IBS-D
          • IBS-C/constipation
          • Intestinal permeability
        • Probiotics and prebiotics
        • Lifestyle and behavior
        • Advanced treatments
    • Bringing it all together
  • HPA Axis Dysfunction (HPA-D)
    • Basic physiology
    • Etiology
    • HPA-D vs. “adrenal fatigue”
    • Pathology
    • Diagnosis
      • Signs and symptoms
      • Lab tests: what to measure
      • Assessment tools for perceived stress
      • Comparison of available tests
    • DUTCH adrenal profile
    • Treatment
      • Diet
      • Behavior and lifestyle
      • Adjunctive therapies
      • Supplemental nutrients, botanicals, and hormones
      • Building a protocol
    • Bringing it all together
  • Functional Blood Chemistry
    • How (and why) to use functional blood chemistry as a screening tool
    • Principles of functional blood chemistry
    • Functional vs. conventional ranges
    • Recommended panel (and how to order)
    • Blood chemistry patterns
      • Hyperglycemia/metabolic syndrome
      • Hypoglycemia
      • Iron deficiency
      • Iron overload
      • B12 deficiency
      • Vitamin D imbalance
      • Zinc–copper imbalance
      • Magnesium deficiency
      • Thyroid imbalances
      • Impaired kidney function
      • Other metabolic patterns
      • Impaired liver function
      • Impaired gallbladder function
      • Anemia (iron deficiency)
      • Anemia (B12 and folate deficiency)
      • Anemia (chronic disease)
      • Dyslipidemia
      • Infection and immune dysregulation
      • Impaired methylation
    • Bringing it all together
    • Full blood panel interpretation

Ancestral Nutrition & Lifestyle

Create fully personalized diet, supplement, and lifestyle protocols for your patients, all from an ancestral perspective. Discover the power of a Paleo template, and learn to create customized prescriptions for particular circumstances and needs, as well as for 13 of the most common health conditions you will see in your practice.

  • Functional + Ancestral Nutrition
    • The Paleo template
    • 14-, 30-, and 90-day diet adoption plans
    • Pitfalls and compliance strategies
    • Customizing for different conditions
      • Autoimmune disorders
      • Thyroid disorders
      • Weight loss
      • High cholesterol and heart disease
      • High blood pressure
      • GERD, IBS, IBD, and digestive issues
      • Diabetes and blood sugar issues
      • Anxiety, depression, and cognitive disorders
      • HPA axis dysregulation
      • Acne, eczema, and skin conditions
      • Pregnancy, fertility, breastfeeding
    • Customizing for different needs
      • Women: hormones, pregnancy, etc.
      • High-performance athletes
      • Macronutrient ratios
      • Meal frequency & timing
      • Intermittent fasting
      • Carb backloading
  • Basic Supplementation
    • 3 principles of supplementing wisely
    • 2 categories of supplementation
    • Maintenance supplementation
      • Vitamin A
      • Vitamin D
      • Magnesium
      • Vitamin K2
      • Vitamin C
      • Iodine
    • Nutrients to be cautious with
      • Iron
      • Calcium
      • Vitamin E
      • Beta-carotene
      • Folic acid
  • Lifestyle and Environment
    • Physical activity
      • Physical activity–disease connection
      • Move like your ancestors
      • Overtraining
      • SWAP
      • Apps, tools, resources
    • Sleep
      • Sleep–disease connection
      • Sleep hygiene
      • Sleep nutrition
      • Light management
      • Apps, tools, resources
    • Stress
      • Stress–disease connection
      • Core concepts
      • HPA axis dysregulation
      • Stress management
      • Apps, tools, resources
    • Environmental toxins
      • Toxin–disease connection
      • Minimizing exposure
      • Support detoxification
      • Apps, tools, resources
    • Wrap-up and patient resources

Virtual Clinical Fellowship

Learn from experts in the field of Functional Medicine, observe patients’ appointments, discuss complex chronic conditions, and learn real-world application of Functional Medicine theory and treatments.

  • Mentorship and Community
    • Working one-on-one with ADAPT clinical faculty
    • Observing virtual patient appointments in a clinical setting
    • Community and relationship building
    • Virtual clinical grand rounds to present, participate, and discuss patient cases
    • Private community forum for continued mentorship
  • Real-world, practice experience
    • Invaluable real-world, hands-on clinical management experience
    • Increased confidence to implement clinical skills and training
    • Flexible fellowship hours to work around your current commitments
    • Clinical immersion in a successful, high-volume practice
    • Ongoing professional development

The Optimal Practice System (O.P.S.)

Imagine having not only the answers to your pressing logistical practice management questions, but also the written procedures and ready-made forms to go along with them.

Get over 100 guides, quick reference sheets, protocols, instruction sheets, forms, written policies, questionnaires, and handouts.

Document icons showing number/scope of documents provided

Patient Intake Process

For a friction-free patient experience

Your initial interactions set the stage for a smooth, successful relationship with a more actively involved patient—from establishing realistic expectations to collecting all the necessary paperwork quickly for a more friction-free patient experience.

  • Patient intake questionnaires and surveys
  • Initial consult script
  • Informed consent paperwork
  • The new patient guide
  • Report of Findings template
  • And more …
Report of findings, patient intake questionnaire and new patient guide forms

Practice Management Support

For faster staff training, fewer mistakes, and more efficient operations

Get a complete set of documents, templates, and written working procedures. Create a strong foundation, better-trained staff, and streamlined operations for a new or existing practice.

  • Written procedures for major operational tasks
  • Chart processing procedures
  • Patient communication policy
  • ICD-10 codes for superbills and labs
  • Technology, software, and hardware recommendations
  • And much more …
Case Review, Case Review Follow-up, Initial consult, initial inquiry handouts

Clinician Handouts

Your new expertise at your fingertips in easy-to-use formats

What’s often missing from other functional training is a system—with tools designed for day-to-day use—that empowers you to instantly apply what you’ve learned to your practice. That’s exactly what you’ll get in this training. The essential kit includes the reference guides and quick reference sheets you need to instantly access deeper expertise and use what you learn. Documents include:

  • Functional blood chemistry manual
  • Test interpretation guides
  • Patient protocol matrices
  • Structuring a treatment
  • Test interpretation guides
  • And many more …
Functional medicine systems modal, blood chemistry manual forms

Over 50 Patient Handouts

With the option to easily add your branding/logo

Guide patients step by step through the big changes you’re asking them to make. Boost compliance and get better outcomes, happier, healthier patients, and glowing testimonials. With energized word-of-mouth and referrals, you’ll have a more stable flow of new patients and revenue. Our online system will allow you to instantly customize any patient handout with your own brand and logo. You’ll get:

  • 15 Paleo diet support handouts
  • 10 condition-specific diet protocols
  • 20 test prep and protocol guides
  • Stress management guides
  • Sleep improvement guides
  • Organic food & shopping guide
  • Living healthy on a budget guide
  • Paleo for vegetarians guide
  • Toxin-free home guide
  • And much more …

Access to this turnkey system is worth the entire cost of this training course on its own.

You won’t find any other resource that is more closely aligned to your practice needs—not to mention the ability to print over 50 different patient handouts with your own logo and branding on demand.

Customized, branded forms for your practice
Student Discounts

Practitioner Marketing Course

This online course is available to you, at a discounted rate with your enrollment in the ADAPT program. Evergreen Authority, with Keith Rhys, is a self-paced 12-week program designed to help you build a sustainable practice by drawing the right people to it.

Start your Functional Medicine training today.

Have questions? Review our FAQ or email us.

Kay Jennings
"Even though I took [a different Functional Medicine course], I never quite got all that they were teaching and did not know how to apply it in practice beyond basic things. With your course, I feel the mystery is gone and I am actually applying what I learn daily and changing people’s lives. Again, thank you." Donna Kay Jennings, BSN, MHSA, MSN, PMHNP-BCMissoula, MT
Kathleen Mahon
"I'm an ANP. I had completed [a different Functional Medicine course], but felt I needed more help with the daily clinical practice. I got it from this program. I am running a functional practice which I opened 3 months ago. I am a solo practitioner but linked to a large healthcare system." Kathleen Mahon, ANPSt. Cloud, MN

ADAPT Functional Medicine Practitioner Fellowship and Certification Program is the only Practical, End-to-End, Functional and Ancestral Training Available

Kresser Institute Other Training Course Option 1 Other Training Course Option 2 Other Training Course Option 3
Comprehensive Functional Medicine theory
One-on-One Virtual Fellowship
Easy to use clinical systems model and map to guide diagnosis and treatment
Functional blood chemistry analysis
Stool, saliva, urine test interpretation
Advanced lab interpretation (SIBO breath, IBS-SMART, etc.)
Lab company recommendations and preferences (discussed by name)
Detailed treatment protocols with prescription and supplement information (brand, dosing, contraindications, and more)
Paleo/ancestral nutrition and lifestyle training
Comprehensive practice management training
Practice management toolkit with forms, procedures, and documents to help with the logistics of managing your practice
BONUS 12-week FM practitioner marketing course with lifetime access ($4000 value)
Patient education handouts with your practice branding
Live interaction and Q&A with faculty members
Case-based learning format to support real-world application of knowledge
Delivered at a pace that is manageable and maximizes retention
Evidence-based learning approach to support long-term mastery
Interactive app-based community forum for students and graduates
Graduate (Alumni) membership for continued access to updated course material, networking opportunities, and community resources

If you combined some of the other training options, you’d spend at least two to three times more than you’ll spend on the ADAPT course—and still not get everything it includes.

Andrea Telfer-Karbo
You cannot put a price on 200+ experts at your fingertips.
"The more experienced, or those with some Functional Medicine experience like myself, definitely benefit from the foundational pieces. Until now, my Functional Medicine education had to be pieced together through many different avenues. It was lonely and a venture devoid in support. I finally have an accessible community to run cases by and everyone is so helpful. This has been the best part! You cannot put a price on 200+ experts at your fingertips. The pace is perfect for both more experienced Functional Medicine providers and newbies." Andrea Telfer-Karbo, FNPMartinez, CA

The ADAPT Functional Medicine Practitioner Training Program has everything you need:

  • A complete framework for learning, applying, and integrating Functional Medicine with an ancestral perspective into your practice.
  • An interactive online program that fits your real life, lets you participate from anywhere without expensive travel—and that you complete in one year.
  • A virtual clinical fellowship that provides mentorship, community, and opportunity for strengthening practice management skills.
  • A proven and replicable business model for integrating Functional Medicine and an ancestral perspective into your existing or future practice.
  • A supportive network of like-minded practitioners who share resources, insights, and a vision for the future of healthcare.
  • Learn the tools and strategies for helping more people genuinely reverse and prevent chronic disease.
  • Create a more rewarding and effective practice with better patient outcomes and more stable revenue.
Anthony Gustin
I can't think of a better decision that has been more worth it than enrolling in the Kresser Institute.
"The knowledge, application, and business sense will all put you a step ahead of the game in every single area. You are literally taking shortcuts to paths in so many industries beyond just Functional Medicine. I went from stressed out working 80 hours in my clinic a week to complete freedom of my schedule to be able to focus on research, learning, and providing greater value to more and more people. I can't believe how quick the transformation was. Since I started the training, I've used the core business principles to quadruple the revenue from my business." Anthony Gustin, MS, DCAustin, TX

ADAPT Practitioner Training Program Timeline

Join the next group of Kresser Institute course graduates. Chart a path to your future with a single course that includes the unique combination of training you’ll need for success. Take a look below at how the carefully designed format fits into your life and launches you to a whole new level in just one year.


May 28 - June 15, 2024

Fellowship & Training Program

12 months


June 2025+

  • The ADAPT Course Begins

    Join a unique cohort of motivated and highly qualified medical pros. Be part of the revolution in functional/ancestral healthcare.

  • Manageable Pace

    Just 2–4 hours/week with a full week break each quarter & regular Q&A times.

  • Virtual Fellowship

    30 fellowship hours that include one-on-one mentorship, patient observation, and patient grand rounds.

  • Congratulations

    Celebrate your success. In just one year you have transformed your future. Join our group of graduates for ongoing growth, networking, and professional development.

  • Time Commitment
    Flexible time commitment of two to four hours per week, depending on your circumstances and goals.
  • Course Materials
    Audio, visual, and written material to maximize learning and retention.
  • Q&A / Study Support
    Regular Q&A sessions with the clinical faculty and support for group and personal study.
  • Webinars with faculty
    Regular live webinars with faculty, for case review and additional Q&A.
  • Review Quizzes
    Weekly quizzes to help you assess your understanding, retain material as you go, and qualify for certification.
  • Blood Chemistry Manual
    Functional blood chemistry interpretation reference manual to deepen your knowledge.
  • Q&As and Webinars
    Transcripts and/or recordings of Q&A sessions and webinars.
  • Real Case Studies
    Case-based learning format ensures that you gain practical, real-world application of what you are learning.
  • Mentorship
    One-on-one and group mentorship from top of their field Functional Medicine practitioners.

Are you eligible?

(Find out quickly and easily!)

The ADAPT training program is designed for licensed and allied health professionals—this includes most nutritionists and some students.

Find out if you’re eligible

“What if I’m not eligible?”

If you do not pass the eligibility survey, you’ll be redirected to a page with more information about your options and next steps. We have enrollment advisors available to discuss your eligibility in depth, should you feel your circumstances are unique.

Invest in your future—and your ability to transform the future of medicine

Why spend years on scattershot, disconnected trainings … struggle to build a practice from scratch … and spend more than $25,000 on a program that lacks critical elements?

With the ADAPT program, you’ll get:

  • The only case-based, comprehensive Functional Medicine training with an ancestral perspective, and clinicians that all share a similar vision for the future of health
  • A full year of training, insight, and coaching
  • In-depth training for diagnosing and treating the most common chronic health conditions
  • Direct support from clinical faculty and monthly webinars with faculty for case review
  • Everything you need to set up, run, and optimize your practice
  • A turnkey practice management system and tool kit, including over 100 guides, reference sheets, clinician handouts, protocols, a functional blood chemistry manual, policies, and more
  • Patient intake questionnaires and surveys, an initial consult script, and a new patient guide, and 50+ customizable patient handouts
  • Access to a network of motivated, like-minded practitioners and peers
  • Discounted rate for the 12-week marketing program to help you position yourself as a recognized expert and thought leader, so you can elevate your brand visibility and attract the right patients to your practice

The future starts now.

Christian Tucker
I can’t emphasize enough the benefits I’ve received from this program...
"As a mid-career physician making the transition from pediatric anesthesia into Functional Medicine, the ADAPT Program has provided me with a potent, actionable system for success in treating patients using a functional and evolutionary approach." Christian Tucker, MDAkron, OH
Section Head Pediatric & Congenital Cardiac Anesthesia at Cleveland Clinic

Enrollment is now closed

Be sure to get the latest news and announcements about upcoming enrollments for the ADAPT Practitioner Training Program, and other Kresser Institute news, events, and training opportunities, by signing up below.

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Have questions? Review our FAQ or email us.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is eligible?

This training is open to licensed health professionals and other trained allied health professionals. Before enrollment, you’ll be able to check your eligibility with a simple survey. Take the eligibility survey here. You can also visit the ADAPT Practitioner Training Program Eligibility page for more details about who is a good fit for this course.

Do I need to have prior Functional Medicine training?

No. This course provides a complete systems model for Functional Medicine.

Do I need to have prior ancestral health training?

We ask that anyone entering the course read The Paleo Cure (previously published in hardcover as Your Personal Paleo Code and published internationally as Your Personal Paleo Diet). Beyond this basic ancestral nutrition overview, you do not need to have any other prior training in the ancestral perspective.

Is certification offered as part of the program?

Yes, as part of the ADAPT Functional Medicine Practitioner Training Program, you can apply for certification. Once you complete the full coursework, pass the weekly quizzes, and meet all eligibility requirements, you will have the opportunity to apply for certification for an additional fee. The cost of the certification includes a comprehensive course study guide, practice quizzes, and access to the final exam. Once you pass the final exam, you will become an ADAPT Certified Functional Medicine Practitioner (A-CFMP) with a promotional badge of certification and a printable certificate.

Do I have to pass tests or quizzes along the way?

Weekly quizzes are included in the year-long course to aid in the learning process and are required for certification. Practitioners planning to certify, will need to pass all the weekly quizzes if they wish to be eligible for the ADAPT Functional Medicine Practitioner Certification. There is a certification exam as part of the certification process. You can find more information here.

What is the time commitment? What if I fall behind schedule?

We estimate that most health professionals will need to spend two to four hours per week on this course. Some weeks may require more or less time than this, depending on your personal prior training and experience. There is also a one-week break every quarter that you can use to catch up. Alternately, you may choose to pay tuition in full and take advantage of our “Full Access” option—unlocking the full course in advance so you can truly move at your own pace.

Is it a self-study course where I go at my own pace?

Strictly speaking, you are free to go at your own pace. New modules will become available according to the schedule. You will continue to have access to all released content for six months after the end of the 12-month course. You are free to ask instructors questions about any of the course material during the 12 month program. After course completion, you will have the opportunity to join the Adapt Practitioner Alumni Membership for continued access to Case Mentorship and updated course materials.

What if I have time now and want to move more quickly through the course materials? Can I work ahead?

Yes. For students who pay tuition in full, we offer a “full access” option where we unlock the entire year-long course 30 days after you enroll. That way you can move at a quicker pace if you find you have the time to do so.

Is there a way to ask questions during the program?

Absolutely! This is a big part of the learning process in this course. There are regular opportunities for Q&A with the Kresser Institute trained staff and a monthly webinar/Q&A's with faculty.

Will I be able to bring questions from real cases?

Yes. There will be opportunities in the monthly Q&A to review real questions from real cases with faculty.

There’s a topic I’m interested in that I don’t see listed. How can I find out if it will be covered?

If you have additional questions not answered here, please simply email and we’ll do our best to find the information you require.

What happens if I have to drop out of the course mid-way?

We hope that you’ll have no reason to voluntarily quit. We’ve done our best to design a course that fits into even the busiest schedule. If you should need to temporarily interrupt your participation, you can return and continue at your own pace. You’ll have access to the materials for six months following the end of the course, which will give you plenty of time to complete the course. This is a non-refundable, self-paced course. You are free to quit at any time, but you will not receive a refund and will still be required to complete your monthly payments until you have met your full course fee obligation. Please see the course Terms & Conditions page for more information.

How much of the course is delivered by Chris Kresser versus other faculty members?

The course was created by Chris Kresser and he continues to sit on the board of advisors in collaboration with Program Director, Tracey O'Shea, and other qualified faculty. The course materials are delivered by Chris, Tracey, and other faculty. Monthly webinar/Q&As are held with Tracey. In between the monthly Q&A sessions, you'll have access to Tracey (via email and forum) to ask questions about the course curriculum, and for continued mentorship on patient cases.

Is this training suitable for international practitioners?

Yes! We’ve had over 100 international practitioners from 28 countries complete the program. The systems model of approaching Functional Medicine with ancestral nutrition and lifestyle, the basic framework of practice management principles, and the bonus practitioner marketing course are applicable to practitioners all over the world.

Note that some tests and supplements may be difficult to order in countries outside of the U.S., but we have you covered. We provide a reference guide for ordering supplements and labs internationally. For the blood chemistry unit, we teach lab ranges and values in U.S. units, but we provide unit conversion resources.

Due to the variability and evolving regulations for different licenses within each country, we cannot guarantee the relevancy of every aspect of the program for each individual international practitioner. We encourage you to email us if you would like to discuss the details of your unique situation.

What if I have a question that is not answered here?

If you have additional questions not answered here, please connect with an enrollment advisor. Our enrollment advisors can help you:

  • Sort through the many features this comprehensive program provides
  • See how the program works with your learning style and your schedule
  • Understand how the ADAPT Practitioner Training Program can deepen and expand your clinical practice (and your practice management)

You can:

Will you offer scholarships, financial assistance, or payment plans?

Yes! We offer a 12-month payment plan if you do not wish to pay in full. We are not offering any scholarships for the practitioner program at this time.

Is the price of the fellowship included in the cost of tuition?

Yes, the fellowship program is included in the cost of tuition for new students. For graduates of alumni of the program, the fellowship program is an additional cost. Please contact us for more information.

Becky Campbell
I thought I knew a lot about Functional Medicine before I took this course and have realized that what I knew was only the tip of the iceberg.
"There is no other program like this. I cannot complain about anything in this course. It has changed so many things in a positive way for me. The format is really perfect for someone who is very busy and it helps you to really learn the material. The pace is perfect and although it is not difficult, it is challenging in a good way. My patients have really responded well to these protocols as well." Becky Campbell, DCJupiter, FL