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Program & Course Offerings

ADAPT Functional Medicine Practitioner Fellowship & Certification Program

Our flagship, immersive, 12-month Functional Medicine Practitioner Fellowship and Certification Program that provides practitioners the training to integrate and apply real-time clinical insights, new diagnostic labs, Functional Medicine panels with interpretation, and up-to-date treatment protocols with ongoing faculty support, guidance and mentorship.

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Functional Blood Testing

A self-paced, 40-hour course to learn how to interpret blood chemistry panels from a Functional Medicine perspective so you can achieve better results with your patients.

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Functional Nutrition Mastery

A self-paced, 40-hour Functional and Ancestral Nutrition course to discover your confidence and power to create better health for yourself and others.

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Your Guide to Treating the Top Five Chronic Conditions

Download this guide with five case studies illustrating the ADAPT approach to treating these chronic conditions.

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Kasey Goins, PA-C, FDN-P
"The ADAPT program was really what was responsible for a complete change [in] my career path. I went from burned-out Western medicine employee to a self-employed practitioner using a root cause approach to truly help all my clients." Kasey Goins, PA-C,

New to Functional Medicine

Welcome to the Kresser Institute! Have you been searching for an answer to your questions about how you can best support the health of your patients, clients, friends, family, and self? Well, you are in the right place, and we are glad that you found us. We believe strongly that the advancement of and access to Functional Medicine will support the health and well-being of our practitioners, students, and community as a whole. To find out more about why Functional Medicine practitioners are needed now more than ever, download our Intro to Functional Medicine: Practitioner Success Series eBook today!

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Choosing the Right Program for You

Whether you are just starting out in Functional Medicine or have had previous Functional Medicine training, there’s a variety of ways that you can continue to expand your knowledge, hone your clinical skills, and impact the lives of others.

For licensed medical professionals, you have the option of taking the full 12-month ADAPT Functional Medicine Practitioner Training and Certification Program, or you can complete your training in smaller segments by starting with the ADAPT Functional Blood Testing course first and then finishing the rest of the training and certification at a later date.

For allied health professionals and health enthusiasts, we have both the Functional Blood Testing and Functional Nutrition Mastery courses that are great options for rounding out your current training.

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About Kresser Institute

Our mission to train, partner and support the next generation of Functional Medicine practitioners and allied health professionals began in 2015. We have developed and delivered a variety of courses and programs all aimed at furthering the education and confidence of our student, graduate and alumni community.

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Dr. Ryan Monahan, LAc, DAOM
"Thanks to the ADAPT program, I was able to expand my practice from only Eastern medicine to both Functional Medicine and Eastern medicine. For me, this opened up an entire[ly] new patient population who are seeking a Functional Medicine approach for their health." Dr. Ryan Monahan, LAc, DAOMPeaceful Mountain Medicine
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Thyroid Health eBook

Better understand the Functional Medicine approach to thyroid dysfunction.

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