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With up-to-date training and a caring, supportive ADAPT community.

As a practitioner myself, I understand the challenges of practicing Functional Medicine today. From staying up-to-date on constantly changing science and tools, to facing the most complex and challenging cases, to feeling like you’re on your own day in and day out. It can be exhausting and overwhelming. But, we’re all here because it can also be incredibly rewarding.

Our ADAPT Practitioner Alumni membership will help you get the best possible outcomes, and have a more rewarding practitioner experience, while lightening your load and bringing more joy and energy into your experience and our community.

I hope you’ll join us!

In Health,
Tracey O’Shea, FNP-c, MSN, IFMCP
ADAPT Practitioner Training Program Director

Tracy O'Shea

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Alumni Membership

Deepen Your Skills with Curriculum Updates

Stay plugged in to the latest in Functional Medicine diagnostic and treatment protocols to get better patient outcomes.

Lighten Your Work with Case Mentorship

Stop carrying the weight of such complex and challenging cases all by yourself. It’s heavy and harder than it needs to be.

Energize Your Life with Caring Community

Learn and grow with peer and mentor support in a network of professionals who share your same approach to healthcare.

Enjoy Future Savings with Membership Discounts

Enjoy reduced pricing, early access, and exclusive invitations to future live events, training modules, and workshops.

Join the ADAPT Practitioner Training Program Alumni Annual Membership

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Learn More About Member Benefits

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The Latest Curriculum Updates

Ongoing access to current and future updates to the program curriculum and practice management tools, including:

  • A full revamp of Lesson 6: Identifying Gut Pathologies: Stool Testing
  • A full revamp of Lesson 7: Identifying Gut Pathologies: SIBO Breath Test
  • Updated Blood Chemistry Panels, like advanced cholesterol markers
  • Updated intake forms, questionnaires, and patient/practitioner handouts
  • The regularly updated Preferred Supplements and Preferred Labs lists

Monthly Case Mentorship

Opportunities every month to get feedback on your toughest cases, either live or via pre-submission of your case in advance.

  • Alumni presubmit cases for faculty group discussion and Q&A
  • Faculty will review findings, discuss treatment options, and answer presubmitted and live questions
  • Recordings and transcripts will be available to all members

ADAPT Community Membership

Functional Medicine is growing in popularity, but we face unique challenges. We can learn from each other and grow stronger together.

  • Moderated Community Forum for ADAPT Practitioner Alumni, with shared resources, tools, ideas, and moral support.
  • Opportunities to network with graduates from the ADAPT Health Coach Training program. (Did you know our health coach training program has a 100% pass rate for grads sitting for the NBHWC board certification exam?)
  • Future live ADAPT events—the first live, in-person gathering is planned for Fall 2022. Get early access and discount pricing as an active ADAPT Alumni.

ADAPT Member Discounts

As a member, you’ll get early, exclusive, and discounted offers to future products, training, events and other ADAPT services.

  • Future ADAPT live in-person events
  • Future Functional Medicine lessons and practice implementation courses
  • Health Coach Training and Practitioner Training Program referrals

Stay Sharp and Stay Connected!

Get your access to the updated curriculum, Case Mentor Q&A sessions, and community.


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Frequently Asked Questions

At what point do I lose access to the program if I do not join the Alumni membership?

All current students will have access to the program for 6 months after completion of the course (18 months in total). If you are a graduate and would like continued access to new course material updates, the handout generator, knowledge base, preferred supplements and labs lists, the ADAPT Community Forum, and the Case Mentorship Q&A live sessions, you will need to sign up for the Alumni membership.

For current alumni members, if you choose to cancel or allow your membership to lapse, you will lose access to the program, program materials, community forum and all other alumni benefits on the day your membership is set to expire.

Will my membership renew every year?

Yes, your membership will renew on the same day each year. You will receive a renewal notification email prior to your yearly renewal with an opportunity to cancel the renewal charge.