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Lab Licensing Requirements

LabTestU.S. License RequirementsInsuranceCountry Availability
Precision Analytical
(503) 687-2050
 DUTCH Complete and DUTCH Plus
  • All states: MD, DC, DO, NP, PA, PAC
  • California without co-signer: LAc
  • Other states with licensed co-signer: LAc, health coach
  • No samples from NY
NoUS, Canada (Rocky Mountain Analytical), UK and Australia (Research Nutrition). They are expanding to other countries. There are only a few countries they cannot test in, so contact them for further information.
(877) 772-9739
Array 2
Array 3X
Array 4
Array 10
  • All states (except NY): MD, DC, DO
  • Other requirements differ by state
  • California without co-signer: MD, LAc, DC, DO, ND, midwife, OD, podiatrist
  • California with licensed co-signer: NP, LPN, RN, PA
  • No health coaches in all states
NoUS, UK, and Ireland
Doctor’s Data
Comprehensive Stool Analysis
Parasitology x3
Each state differs; call to ask specifics

  • California without co-signer: MD, DDS, DC, DO, LAc, ND, OD, PA, NP
  • No co-signers on any unlicensed persons
  • No samples from NY
Yes – they will bill insurance but are not contracted with any plansUS, Canada (direct, or In-Common Lab in Ontario), the UK (Regenerous Lab), and Australia (Research nutrition Lab).
900 SIBO Breath Test
  • All states: AP, ARNP, DC, DN, DN, DDS, DMD, DO, DOM, DPM, DVM, FNP, HHP, LAc, LDN, LE, LPT, LVN, MFCC, MD, NMD, ND, NP, OMD, OD, OT-R, PA-C, PharmD, PhD, PT, RD, RHN, RN, RPh.
  • All other unlicensed persons (including health coaches) need licensed co-signer.
  • No samples from NY.
NoAvailable internationally
Organix Comprehensive Panel
Each state differs; call to ask specifics.

  • California without co-signer: MD, DO, DPM, DC, LAc, OMD, DDS, ND, LNP, CNM, LM, LPA, optometrists (TPA certified), Certified Clinicial Nutritionist
  • All other health professionals can submit an account request form with a licensed co-signer for consideration
  • No drop ship kit to NY
  • No samples from NY
YesAvailable to international clinicians for patients in their own country through the website based on the country’s specified distributor. An international clinician CANNOT order for a domestic patient unless the clinician has an office in the same state as the patient.
Functional Blood Chemistry
(typically LabCorp or Quest Diagnostics in the U.S.)
  • All states: MD, DO, ND, NP, DC
  • California without co-signer: LAc
 Yes Available internationally