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Lab Licensing Requirements

Lab Test U.S. License Requirements Insurance Country Availability
Precision Analytical
(503) 687-2050
The Precision Analytical DUTCH Advanced Adrenal Assessment
  • All states: MD, DC, DO, NP, PA, PAC
  • California without co-signer: LAc
  • Other states with licensed co-signer: LAc, health coach
  • No samples from NY
No US, Canada (Rocky Mountain Analytical), UK and Australia (Research Nutrition). They are expanding to other countries. There are only a few countries they cannot test in, so contact them for further information.
(877) 772-9739
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Array 10
  • All states (except NY): MD, DC, DO
  • Other requirements differ by state
  • California without co-signer: MD, LAc, DC, DO, ND, midwife, OD, podiatrist
  • California with licensed co-signer: NP, LPN, RN, PA
  • No health coaches in all states
No US, UK, and Ireland
Doctor’s Data
Comprehensive Stool Analysis
Parasitology x3
Each state differs; call to ask specifics

  • California without co-signer: MD, DDS, DC, DO, LAc, ND, OD, PA, NP
  • No co-signers on any unlicensed persons
  • No samples from NY
Yes – they will bill insurance but are not contracted with any plans US, Canada (direct, or In-Common Lab in Ontario), the UK (Regenerous Lab), and Australia (Research nutrition Lab).
  • All states: AP, ARNP, DC, DN, DN, DDS, DMD, DO, DOM, DPM, DVM, FNP, HHP, LAc, LDN, LE, LPT, LVN, MFCC, MD, NMD, ND, NP, OMD, OD, OT-R, PA-C, PharmD, PhD, PT, RD, RHN, RN, RPh.
  • All other unlicensed persons (including health coaches) need licensed co-signer.
  • No samples from NY.
No Available internationally
Commonwealth Labs
SIBO Breath Test SIBO Glucose:

  • Anyone can order from any state

SIBO Lactulose:

  • All states (except NY): MD only
  • No co-signers allowed
  • No restrictions on samples
Yes Available internationally. However, shipping rates are high. Genova offers a SIBO breath test that can be used as a substitute, and it has the same availability as the Genova Organix Comprehensive and Intestinal Permeability Assessment (below). Another alternative is Breathtrackers, which is available from Regenerus labs (who also supply Doctor’s Data and Cyrex). This may be a better option than Genova for UK practitioners, as the test seems very similar to Commonwealth and the cost is much less.
Intestinal Permeability Assessment
Genova Organix Dysbiosis Profile
Each state differs; call to ask specifics.

  • California without co-signer: MD, DO, DPM, DC, LAc, OMD, DDS, ND, LNP, CNM, LM, LPA, optometrists (TPA certified), Certified Clinicial Nutritionist
  • All other health professionals can submit an account request form with a licensed co-signer for consideration
  • No drop ship kit to NY
  • No samples from NY
Yes Available to international clinicians for patients in their own country through the website based on the country’s specified distributor. An international clinician CANNOT order for a domestic patient unless the clinician has an office in the same state as the patient.
Functional Blood Chemistry
(typically LabCorp or Quest Diagnostics in the U.S.)
  • All states: MD, DO, ND, NP, DC
  • California without co-signer: LAc
 Yes  Available internationally