Learn How to Treat the Top 5 Chronic Health Conditions With Functional Medicine and an Ancestra

Download this free guide with five case studies illustrating a Functional Medicine approach to addressing the most common conditions you see in your practice.

You’ll discover:

  • Five detailed case studies from real patients with symptoms, initial testing, diagnosis, treatments, follow-up testing, and outcomes
  • How to become a “Health Detective” and address the underlying causes of the top five chronic health conditions: Diabetes & Blood Sugar Disorders, Autoimmune Disease, Thyroid Disorders, Cognitive Dysfunction, and Chronic Stress
  • The specific diets, supplements (including dosages), and other treatments that Chris uses in his protocols
  • The Functional Medicine lab tests that help you get to the root of your patients’ conditions, and how to interpret them

See what others are saying about the ADAPT Functional Medicine Practitioner Training and Certification Program

Mark Hyman

“I’m confident that the Kresser Institute will play an important role in training the next generation of Functional Medicine practitioners.”

Mark Hyman, MDDirector, Cleveland Clinic Center for Functional Medicine; 11-time New York Times best selling author
Christian Tucker, MD

“As a mid-career physician making the transition from pediatric anesthesia into Functional Medicine, the ADAPT Program has provided me with a potent, actionable system for success in treating patients using a functional and evolutionary approach.”

Christian Tucker, MDSection Head Pediatric & Congenital Cardiac Anesthesia at Cleveland Clinic, Ohio
Marcy Halterman-Cox, DC, RN

“ADAPT will simply make you a better doctor. It will help you get to the root of people’s health issues. It gives you loads of patient education and protocols, so you don’t have to spin your wheels figuring out what to do.”

Marcy Halterman-Cox, DC, RNCollege Station, TX

Download These Five Case Studies To Learn How To Treat the Most Common Chronic Conditions Without Drugs!

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