Focus Seminar

SIBO: An Evidence-Based, Functional Approach to Diagnosis and Treatment


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Small intestine bacterial overgrowth (SIBO) has recently become a hot topic in the functional and integrative medicine communities. In the past decade, the Google search volume for “SIBO” has increased more than sixfold, and a growing number of patients are demanding to be tested and treated for this condition.

However, although there’s no doubt that SIBO is still underdiagnosed in the conventional medicine world, it has achieved an almost “hype-like” status in the functional medicine world. This has led to drawing conclusions not supported by the evidence, overdiagnosis, confusion about treatment protocols, ignoring other possible disease mechanisms, and in some cases, overtreatment.

This SIBO seminar provides a comprehensive, evidence-based approach based on the last two decades of SIBO research, especially the most recent five years, along with my considerable clinical experience with SIBO and my interviews with global experts in the field.

In this 4-week seminar you’ll learn:
  • Why the popular lactulose breath test (LBT) is problematic and prone to both false positives and false negatives
  • Why you should not rely on the standard lab interpretation of LBT results
  • The potentially serious consequences of both over- and undertreatment
  • Which labs are most reliable, and why
  • How to treat SIBO without drugs—and when drugs may be necessary
  • Which diet is best during treatment (hint: it isn’t low-FODMAP)
  • Whether or not to use probiotics during treatment
  • How to minimize SIBO recurrence, which is as high as 47 percent
This course also includes
  • Q&A recordings
  • Case studies
  • Patient handouts
  • Clinician handouts
  • Reading recommendations
  • Quizzes for learning retention