As healthcare practitioners, we can never stop learning. Our understanding of human health, of health “care,” and of the role that our external world plays in our overall wellness is constantly changing.

Kresser Institute is committed to helping healthcare practitioners deepen their practical expertise in three areas: Functional Medicine, Ancestral Wisdom, and Practice Management. We are the only clinician training organization that offers a comprehensive training that fully integrates ancestral wisdom with functional medicine to create truly outstanding patient outcomes.

Training Options

ADAPT Practitioner Training Program

A 12-month practical and affordable course for licensed practitioners wanting to learn Functional Medicine.

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ADAPT Health Coach Training Program

A 12-month certification program curated to make you a functional- and ancestral-focused health and wellness change agent.

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How you learn is as important as what you learn

Unfortunately, almost everything we learned about how to learn in school was wrong! The “firehose” method of cramming a lot of new information into a short intense period results in horrible retention. The “brute force” memorization strategy to retain it just long enough to regurgitate it for a test doesn’t promote understanding or the ability to use the information. These methods simply do not work.

Maximize your retention in the minimum time

Our trainings are designed with the busy clinician in mind. Our delivery model is based on the latest research in learning theory to ensure that you absorb and retain as much as possible, no matter your learning style and no matter how busy you are. After all, there’s no point in investing your hard-earned time and resources in a training program if you’re not even going to remember what you learned, much less be able to put it into practice!

Immediately use what you learn

  • Topics are woven together and unfold in a way that mimics how you will need to apply the learning later.
  • The format of our training courses encourages thinking, analysis, problem solving, and discovery—the same skills you need to work with patients.
  • The information is spread out over time, which promotes greater comprehension and retention.
  • We cover every learning style by including audio, video, and written formats—with opportunity for writing, conversation, and questions.