Edna Oliveros

Located London, UK

Student Of ADAPT Health Coach Training Program

Website https://www.ednaoliveros.com/

Edna Oliveros - ADAPT Health Coach

The ADAPT Health Coach Training program completely changed my life and gave me a broader perspective about the meaning of health and wellness. When I registered for the program, I was hoping to get a deeper understanding of Functional Medicine and ancestral living, but I got so much more. My greatest learning happened when I embraced the coaching skills.

After the first couple of months, I realized that I never really listened carefully to people communicating with me, and that empathy is a superpower. The self-care practices through the program have become part of my life and help me to show up for my clients, and be the best coach I can be during each session.

The Mentor Coaches, the functional medicine practitioners, and the faculty are exceptionally prepared and top-notch in their fields. The classes are very well structured and engaging to the point that I never missed being in a classroom.

The most powerful thing was to have joined an incredible community of humans who think and live by the same principles I do.

The program gave me all the tools and confidence I needed to work with clients right out the door. But most importantly, this program made me a better mum, wife, and person.

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