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The Practitioner Success Series Podcast

Kresser Institute Practitioner Success Series Podcast artworkThanks for signing up for the podcast! This is the beginning of what could be a life-changing conversation—for you and for the people you want to help.

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Introducing the Only Comprehensive Functional & Ancestral Health Clinician Training Program

Modern clinician training including a complete practice management system
  • Complete Functional Medicine Model

    This is not just medical theory, but a complete functional medicine approach to care from the moment the patient walks through your door through the completion of treatment.

  • Ancestral Nutrition & Lifestyle

    This is the only functional medicine course that teaches ancestral nutrition and lifestyle principles and how to apply them in clinical practice.

  • Practice Management Wisdom

    Clinical skills are important, but they aren’t enough on their own. Learn how to set up and manage your practice using the same tools and techniques that I use in my successful clinic.

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