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Is there value in distinguishing probiotics for men versus women?

Tracey O’Shea: Okay, the next question is “Is there value in distinguishing probiotics for men versus women?”

Yes, so Seed did this originally. They had a probiotic for men and a probiotic for women. They have since changed that and it is now just [a] probiotic for everyone. I don’t think so. When Chris and I have talked about this, he also doesn’t seem extremely enthusiastic about having different probiotics for men versus women, and in a general sense, I think that there are some probiotic formulas for, like, [the] vaginal microbiome like Fem-Dophilus. So I think there are some strains that have been helpful for women particularly, but that’s usually when I’m targeting, like, vaginal microbiome health like yeast infections or they have a lot of BV [bacterial vaginosis], like, chronic BV infections or UTIs [urinary tract infections] and things like that, then I’ll kind of do something that’s a little bit more of a formula for women, but from a perspective of just probiotics in general for gut health, I don’t personally think there’s a big difference for men and women, and when they did have the men and women strains, Chris would often say it doesn’t matter to the patient, like, we would have couples share their Seed probiotic whether it was men versus women for the purposes of saving some costs. So I haven’t dug deep into the research on this, but I don’t think that there is a lot there for necessarily making it a huge point to try to keep them separated or the different types of probiotics.

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