Great news about ICHWC approval process (for ADAPT program)

I wanted to send you an important update on ICHWC approval for the ADAPT Health Coach Training Program.

As many of you know, ICHWC has been updating their requirements for schools to become approved, and during this time the application process has been closed.

Last week, they discussed their new requirements on a conference call, which we attended.

I’m happy to report that we’re confident that the ADAPT Health Coach Training Program meets (and in most cases exceeds) their requirements.

Here’s how the approval process will work:

  • In mid-to-late June ICHWC will make the application available
  • We’ll apply as soon as possible after that
  • ICHWC will review and respond to applications in 30–60 days
  • If we meet requirements, we’ll receive “pending approval” status
  • Once our first cohort graduates in June 2019, we’ll receive final approval

This means that by early September (or sooner), we’ll know whether we’ve received pending approval status. And from there, securing final approval is just a question of submitting evidence that our first cohort completed the program in June 2019.

So, while we can’t yet guarantee final ICHWC approval, we wanted you know that we’re moving forward with the application process and are optimistic about the outcome.

If you’re ready to join us in the ADAPT Health Coach Training Program, click here to learn more and enroll.


Chris & the Kresser Institute team

P.S. I know that attending an ICHWC-approved school is important to some of you. And I know that we’re down to the wire, with enrollment closing tomorrow (Sunday) night at midnight, Pacific time. If you need more time to make this decision, please email to request an “ICHWC-related extension.