Make an Even Bigger Difference in Preventing and Reversing Chronic Disease

The Only Comprehensive Functional & Ancestral Clinician Training

Introducing the Only Comprehensive Functional & Ancestral Health Clinician Training Program

Modern clinician training including a complete practice management system
  • Complete Functional Medicine Model

    This is not just medical theory, but a complete functional medicine approach to care from the moment the patient walks through your door through the completion of treatment.

  • Ancestral Nutrition & Lifestyle

    This is the only functional medicine course that teaches ancestral nutrition and lifestyle principles and how to apply them in clinical practice.

  • Practice Management Wisdom

    Clinical skills are important, but they aren’t enough on their own. Learn how to set up and manage your practice using the same tools and techniques that I use in my successful clinic.

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  • Worksheet: Clarify Your Purpose, Vision and Goals
  • Book: Essentialism: The Disciplined Pursuit of Less by Greg McKeown
  • Article: Ten Tricks for Checking Your Phone Less
  • Article: How I Turned My iPhone Into a Simple, Distraction-Free Device

Make Time to Learn and Use New Functional Medicine Skills This Year

You’ll never stop learning. Medicine will never stop changing.

The question is, will you make time this year to learn and integrate Functional Medicine in your practice? With the ADAPT Framework Level One, you get a program that is designed to fit your busy schedule. Each week you get a reasonable amount of new material and the material is designed to give you actionable information you can use in your practice right away.

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Chris Tucker

I cannot emphasize enough the benefits I have received from undertaking this program…
As a mid-career physician making the transition from pediatric anesthesia into functional medicine I cannot emphasize enough the benefits I have received from undertaking this program. Chris teaches a targeted, scientifically supported functional medicine curriculum with comprehensive weekly lesson plans that won’t overwhelm someone working full-time. The ADAPT Program has provided me with a potent, actionable system for success in treating patients using a functional and evolutionary approach. Christian Tucker, MDSection Head Pediatric & Congenital Cardiac Anesthesia at Cleveland Clinic, Ohio
Nijole Lloyd

I was stuck with my ability to problem solve my most complex patients…
I’ve felt that I was stuck with my ability to problem solve my most complex patients, a bit in a rut. This course has stimulated my thinking again and given me new tools and skills that have helped me get to the cause of my patients’ illnesses. The ADAPT Course is very practical, it’s scientifically based, and there are fantastic resources to share with patients. I have learnt that I always need to keep learning to be honest. Nijole Lloyd FRACGP, DCH, MACNEM, FA5MAdelaide SA, Australia