Build a Rewarding Career in Functional Medicine and Ancestral Health

We’ll talk about finding best opportunities and overcoming the common obstacles of creating an effective, rewarding, modern functional medicine practice.

Chris Kresser and materials from ADAPT

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In this webinar I will cover:

  • How a functional medicine/ancestral health practice differs from a conventional practice
  • A framework for guiding your decisions about what training and qualifications to get if you’re just starting out
  • How to choose a training that will give you more than theory and actually prepare you for working in the field
  • The best options for students in medical schools and other licensing programs
  • Exciting new opportunities in the field for coaches, nutritionists, and other allied healthcare providers

Karen Joseph

I knew that I wanted to begin to incorporate functional medicine into my practice, but wasn’t sure where to start [and wasn’t] confident in my knowledge base. The Kresser Institute gave me the tools I needed. I gained both knowledge and confidence. I learned what lab tests to order and how to interpret them as well as targeted treatment strategies to help my patients regain their health. I also benefited from the practice management side of the course as I learned procedures that helped the business end of my practice to run more smoothly.
Karen Joseph, DC Aston, Pennsylvania

Eliza Klearman

I have been practicing functional medicine for about 12 years. [Still,] I struggled putting systems into place and having clear treatment plans for my patients. I was often confused about where to start, what testing to order, and how to follow a patient through the whole process until they got better. The ADAPT program has completely changed the way I practice. I now have an order to my visits — everything from intakes through to treatment. I have learned so much and feel so much more confident in my work.
Eliza Klearman, ND, LAc Eagle, CO

Get instant access to the free webinar replay

Sign in below. This replay will be available for a limited time.