Rano Mathew, MD

Rano Matthew, MD, is the medical director of the largest private practice mental health clinic in Wilmington, North Carolina. He supervises 11 other clinicians and sees patients daily. He uses things that he learned in his ADAPT training on a daily basis. He is also the medical director of a geriatric psychiatry inpatient unit, and he tries to incorporate Dale Bredesen’s ReCODE principles for reversing cognitive decline as part of the work that he does there.

Rano’s wife suffers from mold illness/CIRS, so he has gone to a Shoemaker protocol weekend training and he is comfortable with the principles involved in helping people with this illness, although he is not officially certified in the Shoemaker protocol. He has also taken the four-day Walsh nutrient protocol training, and he is comfortable with using Walsh nutrient principles in treating methylation issues and copper-zinc imbalances.

He has a passion for continuing education and has studied a variety of alternative healing methods including acupuncture, yoga, and meditation. He is a certified yoga teacher, and he exercises four times a week with a men’s fitness group called F3. He believes in the power of body, mind, and spirit healing and has tried to practice what he preaches in his own life.


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