Kelli Saginak, EdD

Kelli Saginak, EdD, is a life, weight, and functional health coach who helps women learn how to achieve real anxiety relief, weight loss, and wellness through the pillars of functional health, and a Paleo, ancestral lifestyle. Kelli started her coaching practice in 2015 to help women uncover and solve the root cause of their anxiety, weight, and wellness issues so they can feel better, lose weight permanently, and live well.

Kelli has over 20 years of experience as a coach, professor, counselor, prevention specialist, consultant, and author. She completed her doctorate in counselor education and supervision at Idaho State University in 1997. In her university role, Kelli coordinates the school counseling program at the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh and has co-authored four school counseling texts. Since being drawn to the coaching profession, Kelli has certified in life and weight coaching through The Life Coach School and is currently completing her ADAPT functional health coaching certification while preparing for the NBHWC and BCC exams.

Kelli specializes in life span development, group work, addictions counseling, and mental and emotional health, specifically using contemporary cognitive-behavioral approaches, including mindfulness and mindset practices to address anxiety, emotional eating, and weight loss issues.

Today, Kelli continues to train and supervise counselors through the lens of functional health, while offering a wide range of coaching programs and services – from individual and group coaching programs, vision board workshops, to retreats and conference presentations. She is also proud to serve as an enrollment advisor and content specialist for Kresser Institute.

When she’s not teaching, coaching, advising, and writing, Kelli is hanging out with her amazing family, which includes their furry four-leggeds, reading, gardening, yoga, and singing and dancing to old R & B in the kitchen while cooking Paleo cuisine.

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