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Thanks for your interest in the ADAPT Health Coach Training Program. Below you’ll find access to past webinars and e-books you might have missed.

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Give Your Passion a Purpose: The How-Tos of Health Coaching

How to create a rewarding career as a functional health coach

In the first webinar, Health Coaching 101, I talked about what a health coach is and why health coaches are critical to the future of medicine. In this webinar, we’ll talk more about what it takes to actually become an effective health coach and make a living … making a difference.
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The 3 keys to changing the future of medicine

Health coaching is critical to the future of medicine—but it’s also a career.

The health coaching profession is growing by leaps and bounds—and we need coaches now more than ever before. They’re a crucial piece in bridging the widening gap between what people need—and what conventional medicine is able to offer.
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ADAPT Health Coach Training Program Overview

A behind-the-curtain look inside this comprehensive program

Over the last three webinars, we’ve learned why coaches are so important, how to become an effective health coach, and the laws that apply to nutritionists and health coaches. Join us for the last webinar before the program begins, where I’ll explore the course in more depth.
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The 5 Biggest Myths about Health Coaching E-book

How could I make a bigger difference as a certified health coach?
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Health Coach Success Series

In this free Success Series, you’ll discover:

  • Why health coaches will play a vital role in the future of medicine
  • What a health coach is (and isn’t) and how they differ from nutritionists and dietitians
  • The crucial skills and competencies a health coach needs to succeed
  • What to look for in a health coach training program
  • How to build a successful health coaching practice
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