Health Coaching

How to Stay Motivated to Exercise
April 19, 2021

How to Stay Motivated to Work Out: 3 Simple Strategies to Help

One of the hardest parts of any workout plan is sticking with it. Read on for three simple coaching strategies to help you stay motivated to workout and enjoy the amazing benefits of exercise.

inner critic
November 13, 2020

How Is Your Inner Critic Holding You Back?

The inner critic undermines our accomplishments, diminishes our self-esteem, and makes us feel inadequate—especially if we’re close to a big change. Read on to learn how to deal with it and move forward.

Health coach certification
October 30, 2020

How Earning Your Health Coach Certification Can Boost Your Coaching Career

Health coach certification signals to prospective clients and collaborators that you’re serious about your craft and that you’re well-trained. Find out more about what it means to be a certified health coach.

Girl looking at health coach blogs to follow
October 23, 2020

16 Health Coach Blogs to Follow

In this article, we’ve collected 16 of the best health coach blogs out there, all from ADAPT-Certified Functional Health Coaches. Read on for the latest in health coaching and wellness.

Global health coach
September 25, 2020

How to Become a Global Health Coach

If you’re based outside the United States and are thinking about becoming a global health coach, there are a lot of options to consider. Find out how the ADAPT Health Coach Training Program can help.

Ways to Reduce Anxiety
September 17, 2020

7 Ways to Reduce Anxiety with Lifestyle Changes

We’re living in uncertain times—but there are ways to feel less anxious. Find out seven ways to reduce anxiety that are natural, effective, and sustainable.

Reinvent yourself
September 10, 2020

How Health Coaches Help You Reinvent Yourself

What if you had the freedom to reinvent yourself and become the person you always wanted to be? You do! Working with a health coach can help you tap into your innate ability to change.

benefits of movement
July 17, 2020

The Health Benefits of Movement (and How to Get Out of Your Own Way with the Help of a Health Coach)

Regular movement has benefits for your health, but many of us still struggle to exercise. Here’s how a health coach can help you get out of your own way and reach your movement goals.

Health Coach Job Description
July 10, 2020

Health Coach Job Description: What Do Health Coaches Do?

What is a health coach’s job description? Details can vary quite a bit, but every coach works to facilitate change. Find out more about what health coaches do day in and day out.

health coaching and stress management
June 26, 2020

Health Coaching and Stress Management: A Framework for Understanding and Managing Your Stress

In the right context, stress is helpful—but chronic stress has lasting health consequences. Check out this article for strategies on managing your stress with help from health coach Will Welch.

Sleep and health
June 19, 2020

Sleep and Health: How Support from a Health Coach Can Help You Get the Rest You Need

Sleep and health go hand in hand, but in our busy lives, sleep is often the first thing we sacrifice. If you’re lacking sleep, find out how working with a health coach may help.

Nutrition and health coaches
June 18, 2020

Nutrition and Health Coaches: How Thriving Is like Driving

What changes would you like to make to your diet? Clients with nutrition goals are a natural fit for health coaching. Find out how a coach can help you develop a road map for success.

functional health
June 12, 2020

Functional Health: What Is It, and How Does it Apply to Health Coaching?

Four blindfolded men are brought into a room with an elephant and asked to guess what’s in the room with…

Health coach describe job
May 22, 2020

How These 3 Health Coaches Describe Their Jobs: Health Coaching in Action

What is a typical day for a health coach? In this article, health coach MaryAnn Jones talks with three practicing coaches to learn more about what they do day to day.

What Is Health Coaching
May 8, 2020

What Is Health Coaching? The 4 Pillars That Define It

What is health coaching? It’s a client-centered, growth-fostering, thought-provoking approach that helps clients achieve health and well-being. Find out more about what health coaching is and the four pillars at the heart of it.

self coaching
April 10, 2020

Self-Coaching: 5 Tips to Coach Yourself through Change

Health coaches are experts at behavior change—and their methods work. Here’s how to apply a coaching methodology and self-coach into a new behavior or healthier habit.

health coaches and public health
April 3, 2020

What Is the Role of Health Coaches in Public Health?

Health coaches play a vital role in public health. Check out this article to find out what that role is, and learn why we need health coaches now more than ever.

Health coaching vs counseling
March 6, 2020

Health Coaching vs. Counseling: What’s the Difference?

Health coaching is not the same as counseling. Find out how these two disciplines are different in this article from health coach Kelli Saginak.

Health coaching examples
February 13, 2020

Health Coaching and Client Transformations: Health Coaching in Action

Health coaches are trained to help their clients recognize their strengths and tap into that potential to change. Read on for real-world examples of how health coaches help their clients transform their lives.

Health coach networking
January 31, 2020

Health Coach Networking: The Benefits of Connection and Collaboration for Coaches

Networking benefits health coaches. Find out how a professional health coach network can help you further your career and increase your job satisfaction.