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Can you give your opinion on red light therapy?

Chris Kresser: Question from Helen, “Can you give your opinion on red light therapy?”

I think all kinds of different phototherapy are helpful, including red light therapy. I personally prefer near-infrared to red by therapies like Joovv for a number of reasons. I think you get more benefit there with heating the core temperature of the body, and you still get the photobiomodulation from the near-infrared spectrum of light. But some of the red light therapies can be cheaper than the near-infrared saunas like SaunaSpace, which is the one I have in my house, and I also got this thing here. I have a single infrared light mounted to a wood panel that is in turn attached to a swing arm on my desk, so I can get a little bit of near-infrared light and phototherapy throughout the day while I’m working. That’s a pretty affordable set that most people can do.

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