ADAPT Health Coach Training Program

Partial Scholarships

We are committed to making our ADAPT Health Coach Training Program accessible to people of diverse economic and social backgrounds. We’re currently offering a limited number of scholarships for the next Health Coach Training Program cohort start date.

Who Should Apply

To qualify to apply for a scholarship, you should:

  • Be from an underserved community and/or have a clear, written plan for bringing health coaching into an underserved community
  • Have limited financial resources. All finalists for the scholarship will be asked to provide information related to their previous year’s tax returns so that we can verify all income information provided.

Other requirements:

  • You must be qualified for the course (you either meet the automatic qualifications or have passed the eligibility quiz). You may not apply if you need to petition to enroll.
  • You can’t afford the full cost of the course, but you feel confident you could afford it if you received a partial scholarship (We are awarding partial scholarships as a percentage off the total cost of tuition, with 12 monthly payment options available).
  • You are passionate and committed to learning and will implement the ADAPT Health Coach Training Program framework in your practice.

If you are awarded a scholarship, you will also be committing to:

  • Completing all coursework and passing all certification requirements within 18 months of the course start date
  • Work as a health coach immediately upon graduation from the course, with the goal of making it my full-time career.
  • Remaining in good standing on payments and be fully on track with course work in order to retain your scholarship. Recipients will be evaluated every three months. If you are behind on either payment or course work, you will be given 30 days to catch up. If you fail to catch up during that time, you will lose your scholarship and be required to pay the full tuition price.

Upon submission, all applicants will pay a $30 nonrefundable application fee.

How to apply

  • Record a brief (no longer than five minutes) personal statement on video explaining why you’d like to be considered for a scholarship for the ADAPT Health Coach Training Program.
    • Explain why you’d like to be considered for a scholarship for the ADAPT Health Coach Training Program
    • Explain the underserved community you will be serving and briefly explain your reasoning and plan to bring health coaching there
    • Give a brief explanation of the financial need for a scholarship
  • Complete the online ADAPT scholarship application.
  • If you are selected as a finalist for a scholarship, we will contact you to gather information so that we can verify your household income.