What if you could partner with, and heal, your autoimmune condition – instead of fighting an endless uphill battle?

Whether you’ve been diagnosed recently with an autoimmune disease (AID), or have been struggling with one for a while, chances are you’re:

  • Confused, overwhelmed, or uncertain about what to do
  • Frustrated with the lack of support
  • Concerned about the side effects and risks of the medications you’re taking
  • Looking (and looking) for alternatives to treat your condition more naturally

…Chances also are that your doctor doesn’t know how to do that—and believes drugs are your only option.

What’s wrong with the conventional approach?

Not only are conventional treatments ineffective; they’re often dangerous.

The most common—powerful steroids and biologic drugs—simply suppress the symptoms without addressing the underlying causes, all of which carry serious side effects and risks.

What this translates to:

A lifetime of multiple medications. Endless hours in the doctor’s office. Not to mention—helplessness, frustration, and despair.

If this sounds like you, you’re not alone.

Illustration showing 1 in 5 Americans have an autoimmune disease

1 in 5 Americans have an autoimmune disease

100+ graphic

There are 100+ autoimmune conditions including Hashimoto’s, type 1 diabetes, multiple sclerosis, rheumatoid arthritis, and many more

Graphic showing increasing chart

In the past 10 years, some autoimmune diseases have increased by as much as 300 percent

What if you…

  • Had access to resources and information for addressing the root causes that drive these debilitating conditions
  • Had a clearer understanding of the Functional Medicine approach to autoimmunity
  • Could use food to calm your immune response
  • Knew the right supplements and herbs to take for immune balancing
  • Found out what tests to get, why, and how (even if your doctor won’t order them)
  • Could partner with your condition, instead of feeling locked in a never-ending battle with it

… Felt empowered to take charge of your own health and recover your vitality?

Things wouldn’t just feel different; they’d be different.

Join us for our live, 7‑week workshop beginning on November 15, 2021

Healing Autoimmunity Naturally

with Functional Medicine

This deep-dive workshop will give you the insights, strategies, tools, and support you need to take charge of your health and address the root causes of your autoimmune disease—without unnecessary drugs or surgery.

It’s a powerful, step-by-step program designed to help you...

  • Balance & Regulate your immune system
  • Improve your energy
  • Reduce inflammation and pain
  • Give you back control of your health

7 weeks of insights, resources, and support to heal your autoimmunity—naturally

Here’s some of what you’ll learn:

  • What’s causing your autoimmunity and why what you’ve been doing isn’t working
  • How to treat autoimmune disease from a Functional Medicine perspective
  • The best dietary approaches for autoimmunity, and how to choose the right one for you
  • The role of gut health in autoimmune disease, and how to heal your gut
  • The most important Functional Medicine lab tests for autoimmune disease (and how to get them)
  • The top supplements and herbs that Chris has used to treat autoimmune patients

You'll get

Weekly video sessions

You’ll receive a 60- to 90-minute video lesson each week that’s jam packed with practical, actionable strategies for balancing your immune system. Each new video is released on Monday at 5 pm Pacific, but you can watch anytime.

An interactive and nurturing online community

Connect with others just like you to share experiences and challenges, ask questions, and seek help from our global community.

Handouts, worksheets, guides, and “done for you” resources

These powerful tools are designed to help you immediately apply what you’re learning in the workshop.

An “Inner Circle” members area

Access to our secure portal where you can watch or listen to the video sessions, download handouts and other resources, and interact with your fellow workshop participants.

This class contains a ton of good info and is particularly helpful for those just beginning their journey with autoimmunity.
"I’d been studying the subject for several years so a lot of the information was not new to me. Nevertheless, I still learned some things and I would highly recommend it to anyone who’s interested. The handouts were especially useful!" Maggie HanusManor, TX
From personal experience, I can tell you I felt so deeply supported, understood, and taken seriously during my time on this course
"Thank you so, so much for this wonderful course. I feel so much more empowered in my knowledge and understanding not only of my own condition, but also of supportive resources I can offer to those I coach. I truly hope there will be more short courses/certification courses in future, as you've truly made a new superfan and I'll follow you all anywhere! What you do for your patients and the wider community is unquantifiable...but from personal experience, I can tell you I felt so deeply supported, understood, and taken seriously during my time on this course. You've answered so many questions with care and detail, and as I'm a copious note-taker, I've got pages to continue reviewing in the time to come! So very grateful for your time, energy, and effort in creating this workshop and offering it to our community. And proud to be in the autoimmune community...getting sick and diagnosed was horrid, but it's also brought incredible opportunity into my life. I only wish that more of us find healing and ways to shift the systems that continue to ring the alarm bells in our bodies (these mortal coils are so much smarter than we give them credit for!). Thank you, Chris, for leading the way, and allowing us to come along with you on this ride!" Lauren FreedmanVenice, CA

…Created by a globally-renowned clinician, bestselling author, and widely respected authority in the field of Functional Medicine.

As the founder of the Kresser Institute and the ADAPT training programs, Chris Kresser has personally treated thousands of patients with autoimmune and other chronic conditions, and trained over 1,500 practitioners and health coaches in his unique approach.

Chris Kresser

You don’t need more information. You need better information.

Specific and affordable support for sufferers of autoimmune diseases is hard to come by: At one end of the spectrum, you have endless info: free blogs, podcasts, and downloads which are inconsistent at best. On the other, you have working one-on-one with a Functional Medicine practitioner, which is a fantastic option, but sadly out of reach financially for most people suffering with autoimmune disease.

Frustrated woman at computer

Finally, a resource for healing autoimmunity that’s designed for you—not just for the well-heeled.

Chris created this workshop to close the gap and offer more autoimmune-specific support including the approach, resources, and tools he has used in his practice treating patients with autoimmune conditions, in an accessible format—for a fraction of the cost.

Chris Kresser speaking

Here’s a more in-depth look at what will be covered in each of the 7 weekly modules:

Week #1

The Functional Medicine approach to healing autoimmunity

You may have been told that autoimmune disease is a “life sentence” and “incurable disease.” Chris disagrees. In week 1, we kick things off with a deep dive into the Functional Medicine approach to autoimmunity and discuss:

  • How to avoid taking immunosuppressive medications for life
  • The 6 root causes of autoimmunity and the 4 pillars of treating autoimmune disease with Functional Medicine
  • Inspiring stories of people like you who’ve been able to reduce or even stop their medication by following the process we’ll teach you in this workshop
Week #2

How to use diet and food to calm your immune system

New research suggests that food is one of the most powerful treatments for autoimmune disease, and can create a dramatic shift in your day-to-day health. In this module, you’ll discover:

  • How to use diet to balance and regulate your immune system and put the brakes on inflammation
  • The most effective dietary approaches for autoimmunity
  • How to choose the right diet for you, and provide practical resources and tools (like recipes and meal plans) to help you get started
Week #3

The gut-immune connection

Research has shown that poor gut health is a factor in virtually all autoimmune conditions—and that improving gut health can help to prevent, and even reverse, them. In this module, you’ll gain a clearer understanding of:

  • The connection between the gut and immune system
  • The crucial role of the gut barrier and microbiome
  • 5 key strategies for improving your gut health and calming your immune system
  • Probiotics, prebiotics, synbiotics, and gut health superfoods like bone broth, fermented foods, and more
Week #4

Supplements and herbs for immune balancing

Supplements and herbs can be incredibly powerful in treating autoimmunity, and much safer than drugs—when used correctly. In this module, you’ll discover:

  • The safest and most effective supplements and herbs for immune-balancing
  • Why false and misleading claims are more common than you think (and what to look out for)
  • Which supplements he uses in his practice with patients
  • Detailed information on which brands are the most reliable, what dose to take, and how to get the most out of them
Week #5

Cultivating resilience and vibrant health

Critical to healing autoimmunity is cultivating a more resilient immune system and vibrant overall health. While diet and supplements are critical, nourishing our bodies, minds, hearts, and souls is also essential. We’ll discuss:

  • Strategies for sleep, physical activity, and stress management that are specifically designed for people with autoimmune conditions
  • Adjunctive therapies like sauna, pulsed electromagnetic field therapy (PEMF), and more, and what effect they’ve had on autoimmunity
Week #6

Mindset and lifestyle—from surviving to thriving

New research on neuroplasticity which suggests that by changing our brain—the way we think, sense, and feel—we can change our health. In Week 6, Chris will dive even deeper into mindset and lifestyle and show you that:

  • You are fundamentally healthy and well, and more than your “dis-ease”
  • That pleasure and joy are as essential as diet and supplements
  • How to use your condition as an opportunity for growth and change
  • Mindfulness and meditation and other simple, yet powerful, strategies can rewire your brain and take you from simply surviving to thriving and flourishing
Week #7

Functional Medicine testing and treatment for autoimmunity

We bring the workshop to a close this week with an overview of Functional Medicine testing and treatment for autoimmune disease, including:

  • Which tests you should consider, and how to talk to your doctor about them
  • How to find a Functional Medicine practitioner and/or Functional Health Coach to work with
  • The role of low-dose naltrexone (LDN) in a Functional Medicine treatment plan

See what people are saying about Chris’s clinical expertise and experience:

Catherine Meyers
"Chris changed my life. I was desperate. He asked questions I didn’t think were related—for instance, about my infertility, when I was seeing him for Crohn’s. I now feel healed, and have more energy than I knew possible! I finally was able to get pregnant and I think it had everything to do with healing my autoimmune issues. We now have a healthy, grain-free happy boy!" Catherine Meyers
Gabrielle Glancy
"Sometimes the road to health involves finding a golden key and having enough information and support to unlock the door. Chris is that golden key. He figured out what was wrong when no one else could and helped me find my way back to health through the very sound principles of nutrition, stress-management and integrative support. I got my life back." Gabrielle Glancy
Lonnie Chu
"Between the diet and the specific supplements Chris recommended for me, I have lost 25 pounds, gotten almost all my energy back, almost all joint pain is gone and for the first time in my life my gut is functioning properly. Feeling like a whole new person does a lot of things. I'm ready to take on new career challenges that I didn't have the energy for before. I'm thinking more clearly and living life." Lonnie Chu

Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed!

We offer a 14-Day Money Back Guarantee. If you don’t absolutely love this course, you can request a full refund by emailing our support team within 14 days of the workshop start date and we’ll happily issue you a refund. No questions asked!

About Chris Kresser M.S., L.Ac

Chris Kresser, M.S., L.Ac., is a renowned expert, leading clinician, and top educator in the fields of Functional Medicine and ancestral health, and the New York Times-bestselling author of The Paleo Cure. Listed among the 100 most influential people in health and fitness by Greatist.com, he was awarded “Best Inspirational Voice” and “Best Health & Wellness Website” by Paleo magazine in 2019. His latest book is Unconventional Medicine.

Chris is the co-founder of the California Center for Functional Medicine, and served as the co-director with Dr. Sunjya Schweig from 2015-2020. Chris also founded the Kresser Institute in 2015 to provide the next generation of functional health practitioners and coaches with the skills and tools they need to turn the tide of chronic disease—and change the future of medicine. Through the Kresser Institute, Chris created and launched the ADAPT Practitioner and Health Coach Training Programs, and he and his team have trained over 2,000 health professionals around the world in his unique approach.

During a decade-long struggle with chronic illness, Chris learned first hand where health care mattered most—and where it came up short. After seeking the help of more than 30 healthcare practitioners and, ultimately, having to learn and implement behavioral change on his own with limited support, Chris emerged with his health—and a vision and drive for changing and improving the practice and education of Functional Medicine.

As his legions of fans and avid readers can attest, Chris remains tireless in his efforts to share evidence-based insights from trusted sources and world-renowned health practitioners and coaches—through his blogs, guides, webcasts, interviews, and his podcast, Revolution Health Radio. He has appeared regularly in the media, including The Dr. Oz show and Fox & Friends, as well as top-rated health podcasts, such as The Broken Brain, The Doctor’s Farmacy and The Ultimate Health Podcast.

Chris lives in Utah, with his wife and daughter.

Chris Kresser

Frequently Asked Questions

How will the weekly sessions be delivered to me?

Upon registering for the workshop, you’ll receive access to a secure, online portal that we use to deliver the content and provide the community interaction. You’ll then get an email each week when new content is released.

Are the weekly sessions live? What if I can’t make the session time?

The 60- to 90-minute weekly lessons are released at the same time each week (at 5 pm Pacific / 8 pm Eastern) to create a consistent rhythm and encourage interaction. But the lesson videos are pre-recorded, and you can watch them anytime. There is no need to attend live.

What kind of questions can I ask in the forum? Who will answer them?

In the user community, you’re welcome to ask questions that are generally related to treating autoimmune disease naturally with Functional Medicine. Due to legal and ethical concerns, Chris and the other workshop faculty cannot answer your personal, specific medical questions. We are also unable to answer questions about other health topics not addressed in this workshop.

Note that due to the number of participants in the workshop, we cannot guarantee that your specific question(s) will be answered.

Am I required to get any tests done or purchase any products or supplements mentioned in the course?

No. Chris and faculty will mention specific lab tests, supplements, herbs, and other products that they have found to be helpful in their experience, and they will provide guidance on how to obtain them if you wish. But it’s up to you whether you purchase them or not. Please note that Chris and the faculty cannot interpret any lab test results that you may have during this workshop. They may, however, present case studies with lab results during the course.

What is the best way to reach customer support with any questions or concerns I have?

You can contact our customer support team at support@chriskresser.com and we’ll be happy to answer any questions you have! The Workshop Terms & Conditions page may answer some of your questions.

What if I find that this course isn’t a fit for me after purchasing it?

No worries! We want you to be thrilled with the results you’ll get from this workshop. If you aren’t 100% happy with it, simply contact our support team (using the email above) within 14 days of the workshop start date and we will give you a full refund.

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